meet al…

almy life as a wedding photographer kind of snuck up on me unexpectedly. yes, i had always been that girl – the one who loved to tote a camera nearly everywhere she went – but after six years of school for a bachelor’s in business and a masters in education, it seemed only logical that i would enter the working world with a day planner rather than a nikon. when the first of our five children was born, though, my passions shifted a bit and i found myself returning to my first love.

before i knew it, i was using my camera to capture moments in the lives of not only my own little people, but in those of hundreds of other families around me. and so was born allison lewis photography.

three years into business and after agreeing to shoot a friend’s wedding, i fell in love with wedding photography above all else. meeting, talking, and laughing with a bride and groom, helping to plan the vision for an amazing wedding, and capturing the first day of that couple’s new life together…it just doesn’t get much better than that.


my style

simple. unscripted. pure. when i started this business in 2007, those are the words that i kept coming back to to describe my photography.  i love a beautifully posed portrait as much as the next gal (and there’s certainly a time and place for those types of pictures), but what really makes my heart leap is the unscripted emotion that’s wrapped up in each wedding i shoot.  regardless of how it expresses itself – whether through uninhibited laughter or quiet tears – my goal is to freeze those moments in time so that you can relive them over and over again through the memories captured in your photographs.

simple. unscripted. pure. that’s who i am and those are the qualities that i’ll bring to your photographs. thank you sincerely for choosing allison lewis photography.