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today’s post is a deeply personal, letting-you-into-the-inner-workings-of-my-heart type of story.*

it’s happened more than once recently. i’ve sat down at my computer or television to catch up on the latest happenings in our country and have felt a slow sadness creep into my being. with each new account or photo, my heart’s been burdened with what i see or hear of happening around me. bombings in boston and tornados in oklahoma…plainly put, i hurt over the hurt.

but there’s one storyline in particular that leaves me in tears each and every time.

i’ve sat on the couch and gripped the remote as policymakers on both sides of the issue have battled in heated debate…and i’ve sat on the couch and held the hand of more than one woman as she’s battled the decision she did or didn’t make. it’s not a new story; in fact, it’s made its way in and out of the headlines for decades now, but over the past year, its burden has laid more and more heavily on my husband and me. it was clear to us what we didn’t want our response to be – lofty judgment, hate, and condemnation – but it was harder to see through the murky waters of relative ethics to know what path we wanted to take. so we prayed. and if you will, i’d love the opportunity to humbly share how the lord answered our pleas for wisdom and direction…

as believers, if we marvel at the creation of life by the Creator’s hand and in his image (psalm 139:13, genesis 1:27), then is our mere sadness over its early end sufficient to affect change? does a heart heavy or broken over a body taken from the womb in which it’s been fearfully and wonderfully made defend even a single life (psalm 82:3)?

to value life, it’s not enough to simply oppose its taking.

i’ll be honest, that was a big pill for my husband and me to swallow. it’s far easier to have an opinion than it is to have a plan of action, and the majority of our marriage has been marked by inactive silence on this issue. but through countless conversations and much more prayer, our path has become abundantly clear before us…

by god’s grace and for his glory, the lewis family is thrilled to announce that we’re adopting again!!

yep, we’re officially about to have a passel of sweet blessings (and by passel, i mean too many to fit into our already rockin’ swagger wagon). the little ones have spent the past few months excitedly debating boy vs. girl and offering their best suggestions on names (adding the number 2 to existing children’s names got lovingly shot down). we haven’t yet been matched with a birthmother so the details on what this will ultimately look like are fuzzy at best, but we covet your prayers for us and especially the woman that might soon learn of the one growing inside her.

so what does the family portrait have to do with anything?  the day is coming soon that a woman will sit down and look at a host of options before her, and we’re asking the lord to put us in communion and fellowship with the one who will see our family and decide that, contrary to what she might have originally planned, we are her Choice.


this is just one idea in a sea of many, many ways to be a part of Life.
i’d love to hear your thoughts on more ways to be involved…

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9 Responses to {not} just another family portrait

  1. Brittny Hemphill says:

    I love this!! So excited for your family! It’s so cool to see where God takes people. I remember meeting both of you our freshman year at Samford (I was Jenn’s roommate) and loving both of you immediately. I’ve been following you, thanks to the Awesome Anna, for several months now on FB. :) My husband and I are also on the adoption journey and it’s so exciting and nerve-wrecking and crazy and overwhelming and Satan loves to make you question it all. But I’ve always know it was what I wanted to do and God knew I needed a partner that felt the same way. I love seeing other families that just keep growing through adoption too. I will be praying for you as you go through the process again and look forward to seeing what happens!! :)

  2. Erica says:

    A little over two years ago Jason and I thought we were just going to meet our wedding photographer to discuss our upcoming wedding plans. That night forever had an impression on our lives, not only because we knew we had an awesome photographer to capture one of the most important milestones in our life. It was because a woman who we had never met before instantly became friend, someone we felt we had known forever. That night I remember our conversation, conversations of wedding pics and getting to know each other in general, but one conversation stood out in my mind, yes more than even the wedding talk, you were having difficulty with the airport in the scheduling of your flights so thy you and Your husband could fly over to see the sweet new addition that would soon join your family. I remember Jason and I and our conversation once we left about how awesome it was that you and your family were opening your home and hearts and accepting a new baby into your lives to love and give a family and a better chance at life. We were truly amazed and knew at that moment that you were going to give some little one SO much more than just the material things that they needed to succeed in life. A few months later shortly before my wedding in May I remember another conversation, you were very nervous, because it had worked out that you may be leaving to go get and finally bring home your new addition VERY close to our wedding date. Lol! I remember the excitement you shared and how giddy you were at the thought. And then came wedding day….May 7, 2011, not only would it be the day you beautifully captured a milestone in our lives, it was also the day you were about to experience a HUGE milestone in your life as well, you were leaving shortly after the wedding to catch a flight and bring home that adorable baby boy that you had talked about for months. :) and ADORABLE IS HE! I remember meeting him shortly after he came “home”, we met to get my pics and once again I was truly amazed at how he fit right in with the Lewis gang! And how excited you were to introduce us as any proud mommy would be. :) and one again I was in awe….not only because he was so precious, but because I had watched the most exciting part of adoption transpire before my eyes in a short period of months, the part where lives were truly changed forever, the part where not only did you know The Lord was working, but it was actually right before your eyes. Those short months that seemed like LONGGGG months change me in many ways, I have always thought of adoption as neat or cool, but now I see it COMPLETELY different, it’s no longer just Neat or Cool…….it is truly AMAZING! Allison I am absolutely elated for you guys!!! I am SO thankful that you are letting The Lord guide your steps and I know without a shadow of a doubt The Lewis’ will be BLESSED! Thank you for being an inspiring woman of God, and for sharing your story with us! Not only are you allowing God to change your lives, you are allowing him to use you to change others lives by sharing what he has done for you guys!!!! Thank you!!! Sweet Blessing friend!!! Keep us posted :)

  3. Anna MacDonald says:

    I am so excited for you and in tears right now. I love you all more than I can ever say. Praying for the sweet and ever growing Lewis Family daily!

  4. Laura says:

    Soooooooo excited to finally see this announcement! Praying for the next steps & your little ones’ hearts as they learn to (patiently?) wait for the Lord’s timing…

  5. So excited for you! Praying for you to hear the Great Shepherd’s voice as you walk this path! Thank you for your faithfulness and for sharing!

  6. Lauren Sheehan Kelly says:

    You totally inspire and encourage me!!! Praise God for His work in and through The Lewis family!!

  7. Jennifer says:

    Sweet Lewis family! We are so so very excited for you! And we are blessed to have the opportunity to join with you in prayer as you anxiously await your precious new little one!
    We love you guys!

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