it started out like so many births do. she checked in to the hospital the night before to begin preparations to meet their baby sometime the next day.


by the time i arrived, the room was abuzz with excitement over the progress and the announcement that was coming sooner than later…boy or girl. son or daughter.


but as quickly as the light-hearted atmosphere swelled, that funny little thing called labor turned a corner and things got intense. he coached like he’d done it a million times and she worked like it was a one-in-a-million opportunity…


but in the end, the doctor told her it was time to do it another way. he leaned over her bed and whispered, are you ok with this? and with the nod of her head, the preparations began.


as slow and steady as the build-up was, the pace in the OR was hurried…but calm. he sat by her head and talked her through every second of the waiting…


and then they heard it…the tiniest of cries that lasted just a few seconds. but it was all they needed to know that their world had forever changed. they had a daughter.


but as the new daddy would have it, the tangible thrill of the day was only just beginning. he gathered the waiting family and friends and slowly pulled off his jacket to reveal the long-awaited colored shirt announcement.


as the joyful reactions resounded through the hospital halls, the laughter grew even louder as one by one each person read beyond the blue-colored shirt to the words written across it…


brad and stacey, i’m so honored to have spent the day with you in anticipation and in celebration of your precious baby girl. just as nola has been blessed with an amazing family, i know that she is an indescribable gift to each of you. congratulations, my friends!!


i prayed for this child, and the lord has granted me what i asked of him.
1 samuel 1:27

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21 Responses to baby nola {first breath photography}

  1. Sonia says:

    this is the sweetest pictures I have seen in a very long time..

  2. Gay Clark says:

    ….simply beautiful. So delicate, so fitting, for Brad and Stacy. Love this so much. Nice work….

  3. Joy Andrews says:

    The pictures are awesome!

  4. Darlene says:

    absolutely priceless!

  5. Debi says:

    This is THE most beautiful stories I have read in a long time! What a journey it has been to watch. Joe and I are so very happy for you and this amazing miracle gift God has given you named Nola!

  6. Maria Berthelot says:

    That is just beautiful. Congrats on your beautiful baby girl. Babies are a such a blessing and I wish you nothing but joy and happiness with beautiful baby Nola.

  7. Lou Cinda says:

    This the MOST beautiful thing I have ever seen….I am moved to tears! So incredibly happy for each one of you. God is SO good!!

    Lou Cinda

  8. Jamie says:

    Nola, is just Beautiful! I am so Happy! That was my Great Great Grandmother’s Name!!!! We cannot wait to see her in person!

    Just a “Doll”!

  9. Carol Thornton says:

    Absolutely the most precious pictures I have ever seen … we have been praying so long for Brad and then for Brad and Stacey and then for the baby…and now we know “the rest of the story”. Nola is beautiful!!!

  10. Aline says:

    Thank you so much for sharing these with the “world”! I too was moved to tears…shocker…NOLA is soooo adorable! I can’t wait to meet her. Thank you Jesus for such a precious time as this.

  11. Delores Burgess says:

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family. Praise God for all His blessings.

  12. Wanzie says:

    Nola is perfect in every way! I just could hardly wait to see her! What a gift to all of us privileged to share in your story! Thank you for opening your hearts in this priceless way. With that said I am going back to the beginning and take it all in again and again. We love you always!

  13. bethany terrell says:

    So beautiful!!! So excited for you guys!! love you

  14. Regena Varvoutis says:

    Priceless pictures! Wonderful story….and a beautiful beginning to a whole new book. God has been with you and blesses you with this delightful gift. May you always delight in being parents! Our prayers for you have been answered. (BTW, I don’t like crying before breakfast; but this moved me to lots of tears.)

  15. Heather Stewart says:

    What an Amazing gift! Beautiful way to remember the moments of your precious baby’s arrival!! Congrats to the both of you!

  16. Vallie Cosper says:

    I have never been this close to another baby delivery other than my own two children who were born years before even the Daddy was allowed to be present! Thank you for sharing this beautiful answer to prayer with all of us! You are a precious family.

    With love and prayers,

  17. Kathryn Story says:

    Nola is precious…an angel; for a precious family. It is a privilege to see the beautiful pictures of the special day. God bless, Kathryn

  18. Donna Duplessis says:

    Brad & Stacey:

    We were thrilled to hear baby Nola was born and everything went OK. I know Stacey that you are sore right now but it passes really quickly. I’ll tell you what my doctor told me when I had to have my first section, “You are as much a mother by having your child this way as any other woman is a mother without having the section. It is the love and labor you gave and will continue to give to your child that counts.”

    Once again we are seeing the Glory of God and his precious baby boy, Jesus. We give him thanks and praise for all things and will continue to pray for you both as you head to Houston soon.

    All our prayers and love and can’t wait to meet Miss Nola.

  19. Charolette Hamby says:

    Thank you for sharing these precious pictures. We rejoice with you! Nola is so beautiful and so blessed to have you as parents. God is so good!!

  20. Amanda Brasher says:

    Love, love, love this! Love, love, love you!!!

  21. Aunt Flo says:

    Nola ! Our God is soooo gracious! Thank you Lord.

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