the friends who love them dearly and know them the best could see it…they’d be perfect together. so the friends arranged a night out one friday evening last august where the two of them would meet face to face. their friends knew the plan, he knew the plan. but her? she was totally clueless until the last minute.


one of her best gals finally let her in on the secret, and the expected barrage of nervous questions immediately began. what do i wear? do i need to put on makeup?


the night ended uneventfully at a local coffee shop where, by his account, he wanted to get to know her…but she couldn’t muster the courage to come out from behind her coffee cup to utter a single word in his direction.


they eased into seeing more of one another and the time finally came for their first official date. it was obvious that he was interested in her, and once again, her heart beat quickly with nervous energy as he shared with her that he wanted to be intentional with their relationship and that he desired to pursue her with the future in mind.


winter came and went, and spring made its way to the city. throughout the changing seasons, the park near her apartment had become as much a part of their relationship as they themselves were, so it didn’t strike her as unusual when they walked back there one day in may to talk at their bench. but this day was unusual. this was the day that he wanted her to know he loved her.


and as for the rest of the story? late one night when the evenings were becoming cool, a bunch of flowers made their way to her doorstep with a note attached: be ready at 8 in the morning.


he picked her up early the next day and spent their time together leading her through all the places that held special meaning to them…the place they first met, the coffee shop, and of course, their bench. as they took their well-worn seats, he pulled out a letter he’d written to her based off of ephesians. he told her he loved her not in the way that the world loves…but in a way that only comes from the lord. he wanted to serve her sacrificially and make her his own. then the night ended with bill asking the most beautiful of questions: mandi, will you marry me?


mandi and bill, your relationship already extends far beyond the reaches of your new home. you’ve blessed me incredibly, and i anxiously look forward to seeing how the lord uses the ministry of your marriage to greatly impact the world for his glory. i love you, my friends.


with tremendous thanks for making mandi and bill’s wedding day beautifully perfect…
wedding planner: m. elizabeth events
floral design: hothouse design studio
catering: happy catering
cakes: dreamcakes bakery
gourmet pops: steel city pops
entertainment: act of congress
rentals: PEWS
lighting: design productions
photography: allison lewis photography (with major up-and-comer, justin poland)

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3 Responses to mandi and bill {birmingham wedding photography}

  1. Shelia says:

    I don’t even know this sweet couple except through your photography and the story of his proposal made me cry! How wonderful their life will be. It will not be easy, but nothing worth having is. Congratulations to this sweet couple who seem to already cherish each other.

  2. Molly says:

    Such a beautiful day! Beautifully captured!!

    PS: Don’t forget hair and make up :)

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