it’s kind of the running joke around here – that i don’t see things the way most people do. oh, the lighting is killer in this part of the yard OR hmmm, i think the landscaping needs a little more contrast and saturation. so it should come as no surprise that when my girls were playing in front of an open door recently that i walked by, swooned over the gorgeous light flooding in around their sweet blonde heads, and raced to get my camera. i tiptoed around the corner and snapped this gem of them playing dress-up and whispering secrets to each other…


then leading to many mommy-squeals-of-delight, my boys plopped themselves down in front of the door and asked me to take their picture as well…


two of the most common questions i get when people learn that i have a delightful brood of little people at my house are are your walls totally covered with photos of your children? and do they always take beautiful, perfect pictures? NO and YES. no, my walls aren’t papered with pics of my little ones, but i’ve got several groupings in their bedrooms and the living room that i love. and YES, my children do always take perfect pictures. in fact, i’m pretty sure they’ve never taken a bad photo.


and they’ve never done anything gross like shoot slobbery raspberries that when backlit, make my pregnant tummy churn. (if that were to happen, though, they would never, ever giggle about it.)


no, in all seriousness i have a whole host of photos that document the good, the difficult, and everything in between. i adore these little ones and want to remember all these sweet details of their childhood.


and speaking of treasuring memories, i can’t believe that we met this darling for the first time one year ago this week…


we praise the lord for the joy that he brings to our family!!


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2 Responses to confessions of a photographer mom

  1. Lora Lynn says:

    Oh, I love ’em all!

  2. Brook says:

    You even make slobbery, nastified spit spray look pretty.

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