it’s one of my favorite times of the year – the time when i sit down and look back through all the pictures i’ve shot over the previous 12 months.  sometimes i laugh at the fun we had and occasionally i cry over the emotion wrapped up in a photograph.  but i always walk away grateful – grateful for such an amazing job and grateful for YOU.  so to celebrate the end of another fantastic year at allison lewis photography, i’m having a “top ten of 2011″ facebook contest, and the winner will receive a $150 print credit to use however he or she would like (on past or future sessions).

here’s how it’s going to work: i randomly selected ten sessions and then chose my favorite photo from each session. i’m posting the full list of pictures here but for the actual giveaway i’ll put them on facebook and tag each client with his or her respective photos. if you’re a contestant this year, simply share the contest on your wall and encourage your friends to “like” allison lewis photography on facebook which will allow them to go in and “like” your individual photo. the photo with the most likes wins – it’s simple!!!

and now for the babies, children, and families entries…

1. anne perry and audrey kate
you may not know these little darlings, but you hear me talk about their momma all the time. anna is my second-shooter for weddings, and she’s been an asset beyond belief. she’s talented, professional, and fun…and thankfully she lets me take photos of her three beautiful daughters in our spare time. :-) the day before we met for this session anne perry and audrey kate started giving each other kisses; but as any parent knows, what happens spontaneously rarely happens when there’s a camera around. much to everyone’s delight, though, this precious twin moment appeared at just the right time, and there was no way this photo could NOT be in this year’s contest.

AP and AK

2. elly
one of the highlights of my year was shooting birmingham’s 1st annual “faces of adoption” calendar, and this photo of sweet elly just makes my heart melt. i know her amazing family personally and when i saw her photo for the first time almost a year ago, i saw a little girl who was afraid and alone. but when i look at her face today, i see a young girl who knows the love of a family, whose expression speaks of joy and contentment.


3. the hartzogs
it’s the best part of the changing seasons – gorgeous, falling leaves. as we were wrapping up this session, i asked woody and jen if they’d be willing to throw the leaves around for a bit, and they jumped all over it. what resulted is probably my favorite fall picture of all time.


4. the collins
when i’m old and gray and can’t get around fast enough to shoot weddings anymore, i think i’m going to be a full-time birth photographer. it takes my breath away every time i watch a couple at the exact moment they become new parents. i don’t know that any photo i’ve ever taken encapsulates that kind of emotion.


5. the christenberrys

this session was one of the most fun i had all year! the christenberrys are a delightfully eclectic mix of fun and family, and i walked away from our time together that day with a huge smile on my face. although, how could you NOT have fun with an entire family of ten out in the middle of the creek?


6. andrew and lora lynn
this serene photo makes me giggle on several levels, not the least of which is the fact that it was one tiny click of my shutter amidst 150 photos of this family of nine. a mutual friend saw this photo and said this is how she pictures andrew and LL each night after all the kids are in bed – him with his beloved coffee cup and her kicked back with her beloved laptop. i don’t know how often they sit together on the couch gazing into one another’s eyes (especially when the couch is outside on a mountain), but i like to imagine this is their life together daily. :-)

LL and andrew

7. emily
contentment. peace. comfort. this photograph ties in all things “sweet newborn”, and it makes my heart a little extra warm and fuzzy.


8. mila
she spent the first two years of her life away from the man and woman she would come to know as daddy and mommy, but this photograph proves that much has happened in the few months since mila came home to them. i adore the way she’s running with all her might into her daddy’s arms with a look of pure delight on her face.


9. the egglestons

speaking of daddies and their little girls… we had already wrapped up shooting and were all walking together to our cars to go home. if you’ve ever shot with me before, you know that i’m the queen of “wrapping” a session and then needing to shoot just one more picture. i don’t ever pack my camera up until i’m in my car and about to drive away, and i’d like to submit this photo as evidence of why that will probably never change. good stuff!!


10. the taylor boys

one of the questions i get asked the most is, now that you’re shooting mostly weddings, do you still do any work with children? the answer is YES, and this photo is proof of why i could never completely give up working with little ones. who else will be so much fun and uninhibited in front of a camera? i love these boys!!

taylor boys

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3 Responses to the top ten of 2011 {babies, children, and families}

  1. robinw says:

    ok not voting objectively here i realize. but i only met mila only once and i know God has a special plan for that perfect bundle of sweetness and personality. she gets my vote. but i am sure they are all incredible families. i LOVE ALL your pix! you are an AWESOME photographer!!

  2. David Miller says:

    My grandbaby, Mila Mae, of course.

  3. andrea mccrory says:

    Voting for Mila! Great pictures!

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